NEH Award Winners, April 2016

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We would like to congratulate the following MLA members, all of whom are recipients of 2016 NEH awards.

Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants

Julia Flanders, Project Director
Northeastern University

Project Title: TEI and Humanities Pedagogy: Building TAPAS Classroom

Project Description: The development of a platform for teaching the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI), which would allow for shared instruction materials, collaborative
teaching, and student evaluation, all built within the NEH-funded TAPAS infrastructure.

John Shanahan, Project Director
DePaul University

Project Title: Reading Chicago Reading: Modeling Texts and Readers in a Public Library System

Project Description: A pilot study on how analyzing patron responses to a citywide reading program can help scholars and librarians better understand which book genres and styles prove most meaningful to the community.

Summer Stipends

Katy Chiles
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Project Title: The Idea of Authorship in Early African American and Native American Literatures

Project Description: A book-length study of collaborative authorship in early African
American and Native American literature.

Jane Degenhardt
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Project Title: Chance, Providence, and Overseas Exploration in Early Modern English Drama

Project Description: Completion of a book-length study on British maritime exploration, ethics, and the concept of fortune in 17th-century English drama.

Kim Hall
Barnard College

Project Title: “Othello Was My Grandfather”: Shakespeare and Race in the African Diaspora

Project Description: Research for a book on the relationship between William Shakespeare’s play Othello and African American culture, 19th century to the present.

Allison Hobgood
Willamette University

Project Title: Disability in English Renaissance Literature

Project Description: Completion of a book-length study of disability in English Renaissance literature.

Jacob Jewusiak
Valdosta State University

Project Title: Aging and the Elderly in 19th- and 20th-Century British Novels

Project Description: Completion of a book-length study on aging and the elderly in 19th- and 20th-century British novels.

John Lennon
University of South Florida

Project Title: Detroit Is Conflict Graffiti from a Global Perspective

Project Description: The ethnographic and cultural analysis of conflict graffiti in Detroit and cities in the Middle East.

Christopher Lukasik
Purdue University, West Lafayette

Project Title: The Image in the Text: Intermediality, Illustration, and Nineteenth-Century American Literature

Project Description: A book-length study of the relationship between illustration and text in 19th-century American literature.

Matthew Rebhorn
James Madison University

Project Title: Mind-Body Relationship in Animate Body in Antebellum American Literature

Project Description: A book-length study of the relationship between mind and body in antebellum American literature.

Ben Robertson
Troy State University, Main Campus

Project Title: The Plays of the English Author and Critic Elizabeth Inchbald (1735–1821)

Project Description: Preparation of the first complete scholarly edition of plays by the English writer Elizabeth Inchbald.

Naomi Seidman
Graduate Theological Union

Project Title: Hebrew and Yiddish Languages in the Work of Sigmund Freud (1856–1939)

Project Description: Research for a book-length study of the role of the Hebrew and Yiddish languages in the work of the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud.

Humanities Collections and Reference Resources

Patricia Fumerton, Project Director
University of California, Santa Barbara

Project Title: EBBA: Rare Broadside Ballad Collections in the US and UK

Project Description: The digitization and integration of 900 new images and 1,882 updated images into an electronic archive of 17th-century English broadside ballads, along with accompanying text transcriptions of ballads and musical scores, recordings, and informational essays. The project would also enhance Web site displays and add a range of analytical tools for computational analysis and visualized results.

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