Member Report, September 2016

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Marjorie Agosín’s Las Islas Blancas was published in a bilingual Spanish–English edition, with the English translation by Jacqueline Nanfito (Swan Isle Press).

Anu Aneja and Shubhangi Vaidya cowrote a volume, Embodying Motherhood: Perspectives from Contemporary India (Sage).

Val Dumond published American–English: The Official Guide (Muddy Puddle Press).

Maria Figueredo was awarded York University’s 2016 President’s University-Wide Teaching Award (Full-Time Faculty Category).

Dalia Gomaa recently published a monograph, The Non-national in Contemporary American Literature: Ethnic Women Writers and Problematic Belongings (Palgrave Macmillan).

John Morán González edited a new volume, The Cambridge Companion to Latina/o American Literature (Cambridge UP).

Pamela Herron’s essay, “East to West–The Inter-connectedness of All Things Created,” will be published next spring in Sustainability in/and Writing Intensive Courses, part of Lexington Books / Rowman and Littlefield’s series Ecocritical Theory and Practice.

Tamar Hess published a new book, Self as Nation: Contemporary Hebrew Autobiography (Brandeis UP).

Aarón Lacayo published They Have Fired Her Again (Sangria Publishers), by Claudia Hernández, a translation from the Spanish.

Valerie Barnes Lipscomb published a monograph, Performing Age in Modern Drama (Palgrave Macmillan).

Petar Penda edited a collection of essays, The Whirlwind of Passion: New Critical Perspectives on William Shakespeare (Cambridge Scholars Publishing).

Vaughn Rasberry’s new book, Race and the Totalitarian Century: Geopolitics in the Black Literary Imagination (Harvard UP), will be published next month.

Lee Skinner published Gender and the Rhetoric of Modernity in Spanish America, 1850–1910 (UP of Florida).

Kelly Sultzbach’s new monograph, Ecocriticism in the Modernist Imagination: Forster, Woolf, and Auden (Cambridge UP), has just been published.


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We would like to congratulate the MLA members who have received 2016 National Endowment for the Humanities awards. The awards and recipients are as follows:

Next Generation Humanities PhD Planning Grants

Eric Hayot, project director
Pennsylvania State University

Project title: Holistic Rethinking of the Humanities PhD: Seminars, Dissertation, Internationalization, Fellowships

Project description: Penn State plans to institute wide-ranging changes in its humanities doctoral programs.

Jenna Lay, project director
Lehigh University

Project title: Public Pedagogies: Graduate Education and the Interdisciplinary Humanities at Lehigh University

Project description: Lehigh plans to (1) integrate multiple career outcomes into the curriculum, (2) collaborate with entities on and off campus, (3) offer non-teaching-focused financial support systems for students, (4) provide alumni-oriented mentoring programs, and (5) devise alternative formats and requirements for the dissertation.

Julia Lupton, project director
University of California, Irvine

Project title: UCI Next Generation PhDs in the Humanities

Project description: The University of California, Irvine, plans to (1) engage faculty members and graduate students in rethinking PhD training and employment horizons, (2) integrate multiple career goals into graduate curriculum and training, (3) create community partnerships and mentoring opportunities, and (4) document and disseminate information about postdoctoral career paths.

Tyrus Miller, project director
University of California, Santa Cruz

Project title: UC Santa Cruz Next Generation Humanities PhD Planning Grant

Project description: The University of California, Santa Cruz, plans to expand mentoring relationships for graduate students, implement curricular changes toward transdisciplinary courses, and develop more internship opportunities. Project goals include an expanded public sphere for humanities doctoral expertise, the reorganization of doctoral programs to expand opportunities, and the identification of elements of doctoral programs that require change to meet the goals.

Helmut Muller-Sievers, project director
University of Colorado, Boulder

Project title: Next Generation Humanities PhD Planning Grant

Project description: The University of Colorado, Boulder, plans to (1) build a digital humanities foundation course, (2) reconceive the PhD dissertation, (3) establish nonacademic internships for graduate students, and (4) build a reliable humanities alumni network.

Judith Pascoe, project director
University of Iowa

Project title: The Newly Composed PhD: Writing across Careers

Project description: The University of Iowa plans to transform doctoral education, focusing on the university’s strength in writing and how new research and publication technology, along with a broad array of rhetorical modes, can help graduate students communicate effectively across a variety of platforms.

Digital Humanities Implementation Grants

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, project director
Modern Language Association of America

Project title: Humanities CORE

Project description: The project will further develop Humanities CORE, a repository framework that allows communities based in humanities disciplines to preserve and share products of scholarship and teaching.

Seminars for College Teachers

Mark Rankin, project director
Huntington Library

Project title: The Formation and Re-formation of the Book: 1450–1650

Project description: The project involves a four-week seminar for sixteen college and university faculty members to examine the development of the book between 1450 and 1650.

Richard Strier, project director
University of Chicago

Project title: King Lear and Shakespeare Studies

Project description: The project involves a three-week seminar for college faculty members to explore a range of topics in Shakespeare studies through a close reading of King Lear.

Landmarks of American History

Heather Russell, project director (with Jacqueline May)
Florida Humanities Council

Project title: Jump at the Sun: Zora Neale Hurston and Her Eatonville Roots

Project description: The project involves two one-week workshops for seventy-two schoolteachers on the life and work of Zora Neale Hurston and Eatonville, the community that formed her identity and fueled her imagination.

Institutes for College and University Teachers

Liesl Olson, project director
Newberry Library

Project title: Making Modernism: Literature and Culture in Twentieth-Century Chicago, 1893–1955

Project description: The project involves a four-week institute for college and university teachers to study modernist literary and artistic expression through the collections of the Newberry Library and various sites in Chicago.

Scholarly Editions and Translations

Sumie Jones, project director
Indiana University, Bloomington

Project title: Completion of an Anthology in English of Early Edo-Period Japanese Literature, 1600–1750

Project description: The project involves the preparation for publication of the final volume (1600–1750) of a three-volume anthology of Japanese urban literature (1600–1920), with translation into English.

Kenneth Price and Ed Folsom, project directors
University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Project title: Unearthing the “Buried Masterpiece” of American Literature: A Digital Variorum of the 1855 Leaves of Grass

Project description: The project involves preparation for online publication of the nineteenth-century American author Walt Whitman’s first edition of Leaves of Grass, as part of an existing digital archive devoted to Whitman.

Collaborative Research

Julia Flanders, project director
Northeastern University

Project title: Intertextual Networks: Reading and Citation in Women’s Writing, 1450–1850

Project description: The project involves research and online publications by the Women Writers Project on how reading practices influenced the literary composition of early modern women writers.

Public Scholar Program

Leah Price, project director
Harvard University

Project title: People of the Book: How Understanding the Printed Past Can Shape Our Digital Future

Project description: The project involves preparation for publication of a book on the history and future of books and reading in the United States.

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