Depositing Convention Materials in CORE

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Want to upload your MLA 2021 materials to the CORE repository?

Once you’ve uploaded your conference materials, the item will get a DOI and structured metadata, which will help people find it. Materials shared in CORE are publicly accessible, so you can share the DOI with anyone (no log-in required). It will also appear on your Commons profile.

You will need a Commons account, and you will need to be logged in.

If you’re not already a member of the 2021 MLA Convention group on MLA Commons, be sure to join it. That way, you can share your CORE deposit with the convention group.

Note: To deposit materials via MLA Commons and join the 2021 MLA Convention group, you will need active MLA membership. If you are not an MLA member, you can still upload work to CORE on Humanities Commons but you won’t be able to share your deposit with MLA Commons groups.

Once you’re ready to upload your convention materials, visit the CORE page and click on “Upload Your Work.”

You’ll be prompted to upload the file, give it a title, and select an item type. You should select “Conference paper,” “Conference poster,” or “Presentation.” When you select one of those item types, you’ll be prompted to add information about the conference.

Add additional information about the deposit, including any coauthors, subjects, tags, and language. You can also assign a creative commons license if you’d like others to be able to reuse your work. (If not, you can select “all rights reserved.”)

Under groups, share your deposit with the 2021 Convention group, and it will appear in the group’s collection of CORE deposits. You can also share it with other relevant groups. You need to be a member of a group to share CORE materials with it. Find groups to join in the MLA Commons and Humanities Commons group directories.

Learn more about CORE.


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